June 20 & 21 Live in Athens and Live Streaming Globally

Compassionate Self Inquiry: For Healing Trauma & Stress

with Dr. Gabor Maté, Physician, Author, Public Speaker

Dr. Gabor Maté
in Athens

June 20 & 21, 2023

Compassionate Self Inquiry:
For Healing Trauma & Stress

Our Invitation to you

In this rare opportunity, you will join Dr. Gabor Maté and experience the power of Compassionate Inquiry for yourself..

Discover and master essential tools, qualities and skills that will nurture compassion, connect to your in-the-present self and help you become more attuned to the messages from your body and your clients (for therapists).

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Free speech at Benaki Museum

Aegean College, Alternative Media and Zen Rocks Mani are organising a free live speech st Benaki Museum.

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About the 2 day Workshop

Compassionate Self Inquiry: For Healing Trauma & Stress in a toxic culture

June 20 & 21 09.00 – 17.00 (Greece Local Time) EEST — Eastern European Summer Time

Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic method developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.

Using Compassionate Inquiry, the therapist unveils the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real message that words both express and conceal.

Through Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them.

Stress & Trauma factors

Stress is ubiquitous these days — it plays a role in the workplace, in the home, and virtually everywhere that people interact. It can take a heavy toll unless it is recognized and managed effectively and insightfully.

Western Medicine tends to treat mind and body as separate entities. This separation, which has always gone against ancient human wisdom, has now been demonstrated by modern science to be not only artificial, but false. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system. Emotional stress, especially of the hidden kind that people are not aware of, undermines immunity, disrupts the body’s physiological milieu and can prepare the ground for disease. If properly understood, these conditions can provide important openings for compassion and self-awareness, which in turn are major tools in recovery and healing.

This workshop shows how a society dedicated to material pursuits rather than genuine human needs and spiritual values stresses its members, undermines healthy child development and dooms many to chronic illness, from diabetes to heart disease, from autoimmune conditions to cancer, from depression to other mental health diagnoses.

Topics covered:

  1. The mind/body unity as explained by modern science
  2. The nature of stress and its physiological consequences;
  3. The three major stressors: Loss of Control, Uncertainty; and Conflict;
  4. How the early environment “programs” us physiologically and psychologically into chronically stressful patterns of feeling and behavior;
  5. Why stress remains hidden in our culture;
  6. The stressful work environment: how to recognize it and transform it;
  7. How to recognize stress and prevent it;
  8. How the understanding of stress can inform and enhance clinical practice.
  9. 9. How childhood trauma forms the template for mental health challenges such as addictions, ADHD, depression, anxiety and so on.
  10. 10. How to bring compassionate awareness into healing of disease and distress

The process of Compassionate Self Inquiry

Dr. Maté will model the process of Compassionate Inquiry with course participants and instruct therapists in the practice of this powerful technique to help clients access deep healing and transformation. This will be both an experiential, participatory workshop where participants will be guided through their own personal process, as well as a training to teach the method of Compassionate Inquiry to health professionals, therapists and social workers.

You will learn:

  1. How to cultivate presence, being with what is
  2. To bring attention to body signals in clients and yourself
  3. To enhance your perception of what is not being revealed overtly
  4. To enable clients to access emotional states through body awareness
  5. How to create and maintain a safe sacred space between client and therapist
  6. How to facilitate the expression of what has remained unexpressed
  7. How to keep a client engaged in present moment experience
  8. The importance of patience, respect and choice in the therapeutic process
  9. How to uncover early traumatic events of childhood and unconscious feeling states throughcompassionate inquiry
  10. To decode the unconscious beliefs that contribute to personal suffering in self and others 

Emotional stress is a major cause of physical illness, from cancer to autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system. Trauma and stress are also major sources of what we call mental illness.

About Dr. Gabor Mate

A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development.

Rather than offering quick-fix solutions to these complex issues, Dr. Maté weaves together scientific research, case histories, and his own insights and experience to present a broad perspective that enlightens and empowers people to promote their own healing and that of those around them.

After 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience, Dr. Maté worked for over a decade in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side with patients challenged by drug addiction and mental illness. The bestselling author of four books published in over thirty languages, Gabor is an internationally renowned speaker highly sought after for his expertise on addiction, trauma, childhood development, and the relationship of stress and illness. His book on addiction received the Hubert Evans Prize for literary non-fiction. For his groundbreaking medical work and writing he has been awarded the Order of Canada, his country’s highest civilian distinction, and the Civic Merit Award from his hometown, Vancouver.

His books include In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With AddictionWhen the Body Says No; The Cost of Hidden StressScattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder; and (with Dr. Gordon Neufeld) Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers. His next book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture is due out on September 13, 2022. His second next book, Hello Again: A Fresh Start for Parents and Their Adult Children is expected in 2023. Gabor is also co-developer of a therapeutic approach, Compassionate Inquiry, now studied by hundreds of therapists, physicians, counselors, and others internationally.

More on his books and programs can be found here.

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