Aegean College in collaboration with Alternative Media and ZEN ROCKS MANI are organizing a free talk by the leading scientist Dr. Gabor Mate at the Benaki Museum on June 19, at 18.00. The talk will take place one day before the two-day international workshop that will take place at the Divani Caravel. Aegean College offers both its students and the general public the opportunity to attend his speech, which will be broadcasted via Live Streaming.

Interpretation in Greek will only be available for those who attend via Live Streaming. So, a prerequisite for those who will attend live is to know English.

If you are an Aegean College student, then, please contact the College’s secretariat.

If you are not studying at Aegean College, then, you can register in the form below. Please note that the places for live attendance are limited but nominal. However, for those who want to, there will be extra space in the Museum’s restaurant to watch through giant screens.

We strongly urge you to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the talk. Otherwise, empty seats will be given to those in the restaurant.

The registration form is here